How ‘Paint Your Pet’ Works

How ‘Paint Your Pet’ Works

My CoreyContact us if you would like to host your own ‘Paint Your Pet’ activity or fundraiser.

We charge you a set price per person.  YOU then charge your guests OVER and BEYOND that – and keep the difference.   Average rate for a Paint Your Pet event  is $48 – $55 per guest.

The location can be set up for you if you prefer,  or we will come to your chosen location. Reservations are made on line.

Feel free to contact us for more information or give us a call at (804)363-4395

Any pet will do – pigs, fish, lizards, parrots … you name it!

Our artists will assist in the selection of your palette, answer questions you have, and offer suggestions if needed—but this is an individual creative venture. You’ll work at your own pace, not along with the rest of the attendees.

Just email us a well-lit color photo of your pet, preferably taken at eye level three days prior to the event to

Our artists will sketch the portrait on a 16×20 canvas. Start with a clear, well lit, close up photo of your pet, having a good photo of your pet is important! Send a few shots if you want, and we’ll choose the best one, and try to make the best decision on how to position your pet drawing on the canvas.

Don’t forget to bring that photo with you! Actually bring all the photos you sent in- it might help in the painting process. Yes, you can have them on your phone to work from. Paint your own background color or pattern to match your home decor, then begin creating your totally original pet masterpiece in 2 -2 1/2 hours. Please, only one pet per canvas.

Deadline – In order for us to sketch your pet we must have a photo 3 days prior. Due to the extra preparation time by our artist, no refunds will be given. Based on your photos we reserve the rights to sketch out the canvas horizontally or vertically. We also reserve the right to limit any detail in the background of the photograph that you provide.